Dark Sailor (WIP)


This is the current version for my capstone project, which involves a whip and grapple mechanics as the main theme. It’s pretty messy at the moment, but I think I’ve got a somewhat decent grip on what to do with it next.

Controls: Arrow Keys to move (also moves the character while swinging), Click to use the whip (whip travels only to the exact location of the mouse at the moment),

The controls and physics are very finicky at the moment, so there are quite a few bugs and issues. To grab onto objects or walls with the whip, simply click on them;

HOWEVER, you can grab onto any black surface, but you *must* be in the air to do so! If you collide with a black square while swinging, you will let go and fall.

Night Crawler


Night Crawler

This one’s name practically gives it away; inspired by the fuzzy, blue, teleporting X-man, this game’s only mechanic is teleportation! Any time the black cross in the center of the screen is overlapping with that pink material (shown above), you can instantly move straight to it!

Again, this level can get quite disorienting and difficult to navigate, however, there are no threats to the player here, only platforms, so take your time. Also, be sure to look around (especially upwards) if you can’t figure out where to go.

As a side note, playing the game in windowed mode will allow the mouse cursor to move out of the game window, so I recommend playing in full-screen!

Controls: WASD to move, Click to teleport (only works if the black cross is pointing at  the pink, see-through material).




Inspired by the SNES game: Metal Storm, this game’s main mechanic involves reversing gravity. Green Platforms are only solid in normal gravity, while Yellow Platforms are only solid in reverse; explore the maze to find the exit.

It can be pretty disorienting to navigate the maze because of the camera, but the map isn’t too big.

Controls: WASD to move, Space to jump or jump again in mid-air, E to reverse gravity at any time.

Volcano (Unity)



The lava is rising! Can you outrun it?

This one’s pretty difficult and, I admit, a little unfair for those who don’t often, or at all, play computer games. Before you try it out, know that you can climb the green walls by *holding* the directional button towards the wall and jumping repeatedly.

Controls: WASD to move, Space to jump, Hold Shift to use your jetpack (It refuels when you stand on a platform)